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Boutique investment and advisory firm.
Focused on Latin America & the Caribbean.


We offer independent investment banking, corporate finance and strategic advisory services on M&A, trade sales, divestitures, capital raises, and international expansion transactions.

Deep Knowledge - 
that's what makes us unique

Having lived, worked and done business in the region, we have a unique perspective.

Combined with a network of associates throughout LATAC, means we're continually on top of macro and micro trends; regulatory and governmental shifts and market trends- but most importantly real time opportunities.

This cultural understanding of business practices, differences in how deals are done and executed in LATAC versus the US and Europe, makes us uniquely placed to offer our clients real insights.

Andean Capital at COP26


HE President Guillermo Lasso Mendoza

NOVEMBER 2, 2021

Our Partner Nick McCall, thanking His Excellency President Guillermo Lasso Mendoza following his Canning lecture 'More Ecuador in the World & More of the World in Ecuador,' at Merchants House, Glasgow during COP26.


HE President Carlos Alvarado Quesada

NOVEMBER 2, 2021

Nick McCall, thanking His Excellency President Carlos Alvarado Quesada following his Canning lecture 'Costa Rica's Ambition for a Green Global Contract' at Merchants House, Glasgow during COP26.


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Investment focus


We have defined interest and experience in both technology and sustainability driven investments. 

Our breadth of expertise allows us to look at broad range of opportunities from smaller disruptive start ups, to established business or assets that are looking to grow or exit.

Disruptive tech

The region continues to innovate and bring disruptive tech platforms and products to market. Once the imitators of US and European successes, new high growth companies are disrupting the tech landscape globally in increasingly diverse sectors -  from agritech to retail banking, cannaboids to car purchases, plant based food innovation to apartment rentals. Creating unicorns along the way.

Renewable energy

COP26 was the worlds realisation that LATAC is full of a myriad of renewable energy opportunities.

The region continues to come of age in harnessing it's natural wind, solar and hydro resources. This coupled with a renewed commitment to protecting the multitudinous natural resources that exist within the regions coastlines and forests.

Sustainable infrastructure

In step with OECD pledges at a global level, many of the regions largest and smallest member nations continue to advance their strategic policies around Sustainable Infrastructure.

An area of huge predicted growth and opportunity over the next decade.

Digital innovation

A current demonstration of, or commitment to some form of digital innovation or disruption is a pre-requisite of any investment that we will manage.

Omnipresent in consumers lives, we the value of digital transformation in enhancing business in the region.

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